Cosplaying Twin Sisters Wow the Internet With Amazing and Creepy Costumes

Cosplaying Twin Sisters Wow the Internet With Amazing and Creepy Costumes

April 17, 2019
Meet Chihiro and Chieko, the 11-year-old twin girls who are turning heads with their passion for cosplay and fandom.
The twins have been dressing up and doing cosplay since they were only 3 years old, according to Bored Panda.
Their costumes were all completed with the help of their very supportive parents, Bey Chua (father) and Ging (mother), who also happen to love cosplaying as well.
The idea of attending comic conventions came to the family in 2014. “My mother-in-law, my wife, and I made Queen Elsa and Anna costumes for WonderCon 2014,” the father told GeekDad in an interview in 2017. “A lot of people took pictures of our daughters dressed in their Frozen cosplay, and that made us inspired to attend more comic conventions and dress them up.”
The twins usually cosplay characters from different fandoms including the ever-famous – and not to mention creepy – Weeping Angels from the hit long-running sci-fi show “Doctor Who.”
The family also attended a convention as a “Dragon Ball Super” team where the twins dressed as the two Zeno-sama from two different universes, and their mom as angel Whis, while the dad donned a God of Destruction Beerus costume.
Here’s Chihiro and Chieko dressed as Yubaba and Zeniba from the hit Studio Ghibli movie “Spirited Away.”
They also dressed up as The Sisters from the movie “Kubo”.
And another from the “Doctor Who” universe: Sisters of Plenitude.
At this point, it would appear both Chihiro and Chieko often prefer to cosplay as characters that are similar looking or even twins or siblings. For example when they dressed up as the twins from “The Shining” and the peculiar twins in “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”
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