Team Mexico Wins World Cosplay Championship in Japan

Team Mexico Wins World Cosplay Championship in JapanTeam Mexico Wins World Cosplay Championship in Japan
Ryan General
August 8, 2018
Each year, cosplayers from different parts of the globe convene in Nagoya, Japan to compete in the cosplay world championship at the World Cosplay Summit.
The annual five-day-long event was held from July 28 and Aug. 1-5 at the Dolphins Arena Gymnasium and attended by representatives from 36 nations, welcoming new teams from Bulgaria, Costa Rica, and South Africa.
Promoting friendly international exchange through Japanese pop culture, this year’s WCS had numerous highlights including a wedding by a Taiwanese couple who were engaged to marry during last year’s championship, and a marriage proposal between representatives from Singapore.
Still, the championship performances of the Cosplay World Summit participants remain to be the climax of the event.
According to SoraNews24, scores for the competition are based on the performance and costumes. Of the 300 points, 100 are awarded for accuracy, quality, and technique of the costumes, while the remaining 200 are for the performance, the stage presence of the costumes, and fidelity to the characters.
As with previous years, teams of two from each country must survive preliminary rounds to reach the top-tier competition, which ensures only the best of the best from each country can participate.
Noteworthy performances include the incredible dual-weapon sword fight presentation from Team Philippines which was based on the video game and anime series “Sengoku Basara.”
Wearing their impressively elaborate costumes, the Filipino duo did their well-choreographed swordfight along with perfectly timed sound effects.
Team France’s hair-raising take on the “Resident Evil Revelations” also became instant favorites of many fans for utilizing spectacular special effects.
There were many other awesome performances but Team Mexico’s fantastic performance based on the “Street Fighter” video game series won them the championship. 
Team Mexico amazed the audience and judges with their brilliant fight choreography and impeccable costumes, earning them this year’s top prize.
The event also features tons of activities and attractions for non-competitors. In addition to the watching the competition and the cosplay parades, attendees can also pose for pictures in special photo booths adorned with many different backgrounds.
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