We All Need to Be These Cosplaying Asian Parents in Retirement

We All Need to Be These Cosplaying Asian Parents in Retirement
Ryan General
September 19, 2017
Inspired by their daughter’s hobby, a retired Asian American couple from California has been winning hearts online for their incredibly adorable foray into cosplaying.
Steven and Millie Tani, now popularly known as the Cosplay Parents, discovered a shared passion for cosplaying three years ago after dressing up as Carl and Ellie from “Up” during Disneyland’s annual Mickey’s Halloween Party three years ago.
The experience got both of them immediately hooked and soon they began creating new costumes for other cosplay events, such as Anime Expo which their daughter has been attending for years.  
The Cosplay Parents, who have become online celebrities for their cool take on beloved characters, have not revealed their exact age, but told Mashable that they are “both in their 60s.” They shared that their daughter, who is a 10-year veteran cosplayer, guided them as they learned more about cosplaying.
According to Nerdist, the pair typically portrays age-appropriate characters which they often bring to life further by creating their own take of the subjects’ storylines.
For their “Up” story, Ellie did not die early and rather joined Carl in having awesome adventures together. Their version of the first Avenger had Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, marry Peggy Carter who later became a director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Millie uses her skills as “an average seamstress” to put some of their special outfits together. Although they often use stuff that they already own, sometimes they also scour thrift stores to find additional materials. A true labor of love, the couple said the entire process of creating the costumes can reportedly take them up to two months. 
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