People in Wuhan Are Shouting ‘Add Oil’ From Their Windows to Fight Coronavirus


A video showing residents of Wuhan coming together to boost morale by chanting “Wuhan, jiayou” out of their apartment windows has gone viral on social media.

The residents of Wuhan, Hubei province, China, where the novel coronavirus (or 2019-nCoV) originated, took to their apartment windows to shout “jiayou,” which means “stay strong” or “add oil/fuel,” Times Now News reported.


Social media users applauded and praised the residents of the city.

“Abiding the city’s call to stay off the public area, while showing support in a unique way, very heart-warming. keep this up until the cure is found!” one user wrote.

“Tears in my eyes. Chinese people can overcome this trouble. from Mongolia,” another user said.

The coronavirus has caused 170 deaths and infected more than 7,700 people, according to an interactive map showing the current number of people affected. The map was developed by Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

Scientists around the world are now racing to develop a vaccine for the virus, including researchers in Hong Kong.

There have only been two reported cases of people being cured of the virus so far — a woman in Wuhan and a man in Zhejiang province.

Feature Image Screenshot via Xinhua

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