‘You Dropped Your Coronavirus!’: Women Verbally Harassed by a Man in Canada

‘You Dropped Your Coronavirus!’: Women Verbally Harassed by a Man in Canada

February 5, 2020
A woman in Canada took to Weibo to share a racist encounter with a White man at a Metrotown parking lot in Burnaby.
The clip, which has since been widely shared on other social media platforms, shows a woman confronting the man for his previous comments.
“I said you dropped your coronavirus, said the man in response.
The same video was uploaded and shared on Instagram on Thursday evening by a user who claimed the comments were directed towards their mother and sister.
In the Instagram post’s caption, the user shared that the man allegedly said something along the lines of, “Hey, you dropped something,” to the two women.
One of the women then stepped out of their car to film the man who then said, “You dropped your coronavirus.”
The man went on to say that he made similar comments to “10 different people.”
Even after both sides got into the car, the man reportedly continued to harass them on the road with “a lot of hand gestures and honking.”
The incident is among the growing number of racist encounters Asians around the world are experiencing since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China in December.
Meanwhile, Canada’s first coronavirus patient was discharged from the hospital on Friday after his status improved “to the point where he no longer required in-patient care.”
In a series of tweets last Thursday, the BC Center of Disease Control (BCCDC) issued statements to clear up “several misconceptions being spread about the coronavirus on social media.”
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According to the thread, the virus doesn’t spread through “casual contact” and that the “receptors for coronavirus are deep in a person’s lungs.”
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