Watch This Video If You Think Coronavirus is an Excuse to Be Racist Towards Asians


The rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to racist incidents and xenophobia towards Asian communities around the world, but one man from New York City wants to fight that hate with solidarity.

Street photographer Patrick Barr, better known in the community as Tiger Hood, spoke with fellow New Yorker, documentary filmmaker Nicolas Heller about the recent stories of random Asian people being verbally and physically attacked.

“It’s sickening that ignorant people are using this virus as an excuse to be racist,” Heller wrote on Instagram. “I try to keep things light hearted on here, but f*ck yourself if this applies to you.”

Tiger had a few words of his own to say regarding the racism towards Asians as a result of the COVID-19.

“You guys are so stupid it’s ridiculous,” he started off. “It’s like thinking Corona beer gives you the virus. I mean you’re so dumb.”

“And that’s the problem with this world is that there are too many dumb people in it that believe anything,” Tiger continued.

He added that those kinds of people are looking for any excuse to be racist towards anyone. But Tiger also had a few words of encouragement for the Asian community.

“Don’t give anyone the power to f*ck up your day, but when they spit on you, f*ck them up,” the man, who’s “fly as a motherf*cker,” told Heller.

Asian Instagram pages @AsiansNeverDie and @Jackfroot thanked Heller and Tiger for their solidarity.

“We get 100s of messages a day regarding racism and harassment towards our community because of the coronavirus. Thank you for speaking up,” @AsiansNeverDie wrote.

“Great video and this needs to be shared more,” @Jackfroot commented.

NextShark has reached out to Tiger for further comment.

Feature Image via @newyorknico (Left), @tigerhoodnyc (Right)

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