1,153 Coronavirus Patients Have Recovered and Left the Hospital, China Reports


A total of 1,153 patients infected by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) have reportedly been discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, Chinese health authorities announced on Thursday.

From data received by the National Health Commission on Wednesday, 261 people walked out of the hospital after being cured of the virus, according to Xinhua.


Authorities also confirmed 3,694 new cases as well as 73 deaths — 70 of which came from the Hubei Province, along with one in Tianjin, one in Heilongjiang and one in Guizhou, according to The Star.

The data from Wednesday also reported there were 5,328 new suspected cases, 640 seriously ill patients, and 3,859 patients in severe condition. In addition, 24,702 people were suspected of having been infected by the virus.

The health authorities noted on Wednesday that 21,365 “close contacts” out of the 282,813 have been discharged from medical observation, while the remaining 186,354 are still under observation.

Feature Image Screenshot via CCTV Video News Agency

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