Nurse in Wuhan Grieves Over News Her Mother Passed, Goes Back to Fighting Coronavirus


Chinese medical practitioners fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the frontlines are working round the clock to save as many patients as they can. 

While admirable, their dedication to fulfilling their duties as healthcare professionals has caused them to sacrifice most of their time with family. 

In one of the many heartbreaking stories to come out of Wuhan, China, a nurse working at the newly-built Huoshenshan Hospital reportedly continued to do her duties even after receiving terrible news.

According to local reports, Wu Ya Ling received news that her mother had passed away via a video call from their home in Kunming, Yunnan. 

The news of her death came as a shock to Wu as her mom had reportedly been healthy when she left for Wuhan, Mothership reports.

Footage of Wu summing up the courage after learning of the tragedy was captured on camera.

The clip, which has become widely shared on Chinese social media, showed the brave nurse bowing three times to pay respects to her mother who had just died. 

As she bowed, it appears Wu was crying behind the surgical mask she was wearing.



After having collected herself, she immediately returned to her post and continued her work.

When the video went viral, Wu received praise from social media users who admired her courage and commitment to helping others.

Feature Image via caroline

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