Asian Teens Are Using TikTok to Address Coronavirus Racism

Asian Teens Are Using TikTok to Address Coronavirus RacismAsian Teens Are Using TikTok to Address Coronavirus Racism
The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has not only brought fear and panic to many across the world but has also revealed racist tendencies.
As the coronavirus made headlines earlier this year, xenophobic sentiments began emerging in various forms as well. In the United States and other parts of the world, it appears that many are using the virus as an excuse to bash not only people in China but also other Asians around the world.
Asian teens are now pushing back against xenophobia and racism through creativity and humor on TikTok. Users of the video-sharing platform have recently been posting videos that expose ignorance on the subject, reports BuzzFeed.
A common theme has been about how just being an Asian person can attract suspicious looks in public.
While some do skits, others prefer a more direct approach.
David Kim, 16, uploaded a video on TikTok following a conversation with his parents.
“I had to go to George Mason University that morning and I asked them, ‘Should I wear a mask?’ Their answer was that if I wore a mask, people would avoid me even more because I’m Asian and I have the mask on,” he was quoted as saying.
“I can see the racism behind this virus, truly,” he added. “Even if it might be a joke from my friends, I am constantly being targeted or laughed at because I am Asian and they think I have the virus.”
Kim then shared that he felt like he was attracting suspicious looks when he wore a mask at a restaurant.
“I see lots of videos of Asians defending Asians from the racism of the virus these days. One part of me is sad that so many Asians are being targeted in the first place, and another side of me is glad that we Asians are in this together.”
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