Street Cleaning Lady Assaulted After Trying to Stop Someone’s Corgi From Pooping on The Street

A Chinese street cleaning lady was reportedly assaulted by a young man when she interrupted his dog doing its business on the street. 

On Wednesday, the 50-year-old woman, a sanitation worker in Lanzhou, encountered the dog owner and his corgi.

According to Shanghaiist, during the attack, the owner of the canine allegedly dismissed the woman and said:

“My dog is worth more than your life!”

The woman was consequently taken to a nearby hospital where doctors examined her injuries. The man ultimately apologized for his actions in front of police and fellow sanitation workers.

The woman agreed not to pursue legal action after the parties settled for a payment of $162, or RMB 1,100, in medical expenses and $73, or RMB 500, for lost income.

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