Corgi Challenges Owner to Dance Off, Heckin Wins At Doin a Footwork

Corgi Challenges Owner to Dance Off, Heckin Wins At Doin a Footwork

May 24, 2018
A corgi with an undeniable flair for modern dance has set the internet on a course to do better — or perhaps come to terms with the fact that dogs are becoming
Meet Paul, the “Antisocial Corgi” whose video of fancy footwork has gone viral.
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In the six-second clip, Paul is shown getting down with a human at a park located in New York City.
The video, shared by Clint Falin on Twitter, has garnered 1.5 million views, 131,000 likes, and 52,000 retweets to date.
Speaking to People, Paul’s owner, Cynthia Yeung, shared that she found him in California and adopted him one year ago.
Apparently, the 4-year-old corgi dances to “any music, but currently he loves dancing to Cardi B and Khalid.”
Paul, however, is not only a dancer. He also does tricks and loves posing for the camera.
“He’s good at all the basic obedience tricks and playing dead. He’s his mom’s muse when it comes to taking art photos, so he’s very good at posing,” Yeung told the magazine.
If Paul’s so sweet, why “antisocial,” then? Well, it turns out the corgi can’t stand other dogs.
According to Yeung, Paul “doesn’t like dogs, he’ll ignore them in parks and lunge if they get too close.”
The pair plan to visit California this summer for outdoor activities, which Paul enjoys very much.
For now, Twitter is obsessed with his moves:
If you dig Paul’s dancing, be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out the other things he does. You might be inspired with his feed’s aesthetic, too!
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