Cool Dad in Vietnam Helps Son Pull a Loose Tooth Using a Crossbow

Crossbows can be used in a multitude of different ways — case in point, one dad in Vietnam used the weapon to help take out his son’s loose tooth.

In a video recorded in the Vietnamese province of Lao Cai, the father can be seen helping the boy tie a string from the crossbow to his loose tooth.

With guidance from his dad, the child pulls the trigger himself, making the string shoot forward and remove the loose tooth from his mouth.

“This is how my son pulled his tooth,” the dad said, as translated by ViralHog on YouTube.

The father-son duo pulls out another tooth using the same crossbow before the happy boy cleans out his mouth.

We’re sure Kratos would do the same thing with his enchanted flying ax to get rid of a tooth or two from his son Atreus in the new “God of War” video game.

Featured Image via YouTube / Daily Mail

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