Mobile game ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ announces collaboration with BTS

Mobile game ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ announces collaboration with BTS
Daniel Anderson
September 21, 2022
The mobile game “Cookie Run: Kingdom” announced a special in-game collaboration event with K-pop icons BTS.
The in-game event will be called “Braver Together.” A promo image shows the music septet in silhouette — or, in this case, cookie silhouette — form performing on stage for fans wielding lightsticks.
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Devsisters, the South Korean game studio behind “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” released a description of the game collaboration in a press release:
“During the event, each member of BTS will be transformed into their own unique Cookie, and players will be transported to specially crafted BTS-themed maps with all new game lore explicitly created for this update. The event will culminate in an in-game concert by BTS for the Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.”
Marie Suh, CEO of Devsisters USA, highlighted to Rolling Stone that the project would align with values of inclusivity and bravery: “The Cookie Run community is about celebrating diversity and supporting each other in choosing to be who you are. We knew how well our core values aligned with those of BTS, so welcoming BTS and ARMY into the Cookie Run Universe felt like a natural fit.” 
Jaechan Cho, who is on the marketing team at Devsisters USA, added: “ARMY is a unique group of fans who sincerely love BTS because of the band’s authenticity, and messaging of self-love, social justice, and mental health awareness, their music talks about self-love and inspires me to be proud of my identity. Also, even with BTS’ ‘idol’ status, they reinforce that everyone is an idol by just being themselves. BTS is a group that did not come to instant success, but achieved many accomplishments by continuing to prove themselves. BTS inspires others that hard work pays off.”
“Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a free-to-play mobile game where players can go on adventures, construct towns and fight enemies. 
No official release date for the event has been given yet. For BTS fans and foodies, BTS does have their own cookbook
Featured Image via @CRKingdomEN
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