Constipated Woman Loses 10 Years of Memories After Trying to Poop Too Hard


One woman with constipation in Hong Kong temporarily lost 10 years worth of memory after overstraining herself while taking a dump.

The woman’s amnesia only lasted for eight hours, China Press reported via AsiaOne.

Her family members rushed her to the hospital following the incident, but the woman’s son said that doctors found her brain was functioning normally.

While she has made a full recovery, the woman did not have any recollection of suffering from amnesia.

Neurologist Dr. Peng Jiaxiong explained that the short-term memory loss, medically known as transient global amnesia, could have been caused by internal jugular vein valve incompetence, where blood flow to the brain is affected.

The excessive force exerted during constipation could have led to an insufficient amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain.

The doctor added that, although it is a rare condition, people who lift heavy objects or who are emotional are at risk of suffering short-term amnesia as well.

For those who experience memory loss after exertion should seek medical attention as soon as possible, Dr. Peng advised.

He added that patients also have a 30% higher chance of suffering a stroke.

Featured Image via jcomp / Freepik

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