Constipated Chinese Man Tries to Cure Himself by Shoving an Asian Swamp Eel Into His Anus

Constipated Chinese Man Tries to Cure Himself by Shoving an Asian Swamp Eel Into His Anus
Ryan General
April 19, 2017
Doctors treating a Chinese man of stomach pain were surprised to discover an entire Asian swamp eel inside his stomach.
Doctors quickly discovered that the 49-year-old patient, identified his last name Liu, tried to fix his constipation problem by shoving a half-meter long eel into his anus. Liu had earlier visited a hospital after suffering severe stomach pains, reports Guangdong Television (via Daily Mail).
At his first check up, he was advised to remain in the hospital after his doctors determined that his bowels were being blocked. However, Liu refused to stay after the physicians suggested further treatment.
He decided to cure himself of his constipation by forcing an eel into his anus in an effort to clear the blockage. Liu was said to have believed a folk medicine practice that involved using an eel to relieve constipation. His plans did not turn out so well, however, as the eel caused extreme pain to his bowels.
He was then rushed to Guangzhou Dongren Hospital where attending physicians made the shocking discovery.
While examining Liu’s abdominal area, doctors found a hole in the area near the duodenum, revealing the eel stuck in his intestines where it was covered in feces and food residue.
Through surgery, the doctors were able to extract the Asian swamp eel, which weighed about half a pound. Its head was about three to five centimeters (1.18 – 1.97 inches) wide.

A doctor revealed that Liu withheld the real cause of his stomach ache when he was admitted to the hospital.
“We asked Mr. Liu when we spotted the eel in his stomach, he said the eel went into his anus by mistake. But after the surgery, he told us that he actually put an eel inside his anus himself,” surgeon Dr. Zhao Zhirong told reporters.  
Fortunately for Liu, he was able to go to the hospital in time as the situation could have been much worse for him had he taken longer, according to Dr. Zhao.  
While Liu is now recovering and may soon be out of the hospital, the eel was not as fortunate. The poor creature was found to be dead when the doctors took it out.
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