Actor Recounts Having Constance Wu as His Driver When She Was a Struggling Actress

Actor Recounts Having Constance Wu as His Driver When She Was a Struggling Actress

August 17, 2018
Constance Wu is a star who’s quickly becoming a household name. Her performances in ABC’s hit show “Fresh off the Boat” and recently “Crazy Rich Asians” has earned her a legion of fans all over the world. However, it wasn’t always like this.
Before her breakout role on ABC, Wu was a struggling actress who waited tables and took other jobs to survive, among them was being fellow actor Jim Sturgess’ driver in 2013.
Sturges, known for his roles in “Across the Universe” and “Crossing Over” told the story in a long Instagram post
His full post reads:
“Quick story… Back in 2013 I shot an independent film called ‘Electric Slide in Los Angeles.’
My first day at work I was picked up in a car by a lovely girl who was working in the production office and who was to be my driver for the duration of the shoot. We got along great and spent many early mornings driving to different locations around Los Angeles. We discussed many things whilst sitting in LA, films, boy troubles, girl problems, family backgrounds, extra terrestrial life forms, why you never see baby pigeons and why people wash their hands after they go to the toilet instead of before. We also talked about how she was an actress struggling to make ends meet in the Hollywood scene and whether I had any advice on how to get a foot into the industry…to which I had none.
“The film came to an end and after a hug and a final greasy Taco me and my lovely driver said our goodbyes..I wished her good luck and I came back home to London.
“Years later on a trip back to LA I’m perusing a Magazine in my hotel room and I come across this fierce and brilliant article about an up and coming actress and her frustrations about the misrepresentation of Asian men and woman in Hollywood. I look to see the name of this exciting new actress and I read that her name is Constance Wu….? Wasn’t that the name of that lovely driver I had all those years ago? Constance Wu? There can only be one Constance Wu?… And there is!!.”
“Crazy Rich Asians” is now in theaters.
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