Constance Wu’s Nose Almost Broken TWICE by J-Lo While Filming ‘Hustlers’

Constance Wu nearly suffered a broken nose while filming a fight scene with Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers”.


While speaking on Good Morning America, the 37-year-old actress recounted how the 50-year-old singer almost had her nose broken twice while filming a fight scene.


“We had this fight where she starts to be- try to take a cell phone out of my hand, and what happened was the cell phone hit me in the nose,” the actress said as she describes the scene. “She felt so bad, and I was like, ‘Girl, don’t worry this is just, you know, battle wounds. Let’s keep going.'”

Lopez reportedly tried to be careful during the scene, but Wu, who plays the main character Destiny in the movie, said the singer “did it again.”

Wu admitted “it was so hard” to learn all the intricacies and moves of pole dancing. To make sure she perfected the role, Wu even installed a pole in her own home.

“I was lucky though in that my character’s not supposed to be that good,” Wu said. “I had to pretend to be bad, which was easy to do because I wasn’t great. But I did do pole dancing lessons and I had a pole installed in my living room.”

Wu also recounted trying to get comfortable in the tall footwear for the role.

“I had those like 8-inch heels and I’d just walk around and do dishes in them,” she said. “I was in my flannel pajamas and then my stripper shoes.”

Based on the New York Magazine’s 2015 article “The Hustlers at Scores”, the film follows the story of a group of strippers in New York City as they turn the tables on their Wall Street clients by hustling dozens of wealthy men.

“Hustlers” is set to premiere on Sept. 13, 2019.

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube / Movieclips Trailers

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