Someone Broke into Constance Wu’s House and ‘Took a S‌‌h*t’ on Her Patio

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A female burglar who broke in at Constance Wu’s place in Los Angeles over a month ago unwittingly left some undeniable evidence for authorities.

Sitting on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” last month, the “Crazy Rich Asians” star talked about the bizarre bu‌r‌gla‌ry‌ that she had fortunately caught on tape.


“It was such an LA burglary,” Wu described the incident. “It was a girl. I have security cameras on my property so I saw it.”

“She did a fashion show with my clothes for me in my yard, like going back and forth.”

Image via YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

Wu went on to recall the in‌tru‌der helping herself in her shower — before taking a dump on her patio.

“Okay, this is a little weird. She took a shower in my house … But she took a sh‌*t on my patio.”

Image via YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

The “Fresh Off the Boat” actress drew laughs from the audience, but the story was not over.

“It gets better,” Wu said. “It gets better because the p‌oli‌ce and d‌etec‌ti‌ve who came in and, you know, checked everything else … they took the sh*t as DNA evidence.”

Image via YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

“What a job,” the 36-year-old star commented before Meyers joined in, saying, “I also feel like she might have thought she got away with it and she was like ‘I didn’t leave any fingerprints … OH NO.”

Instagram / @constancewu

Wu, set to reprise her role as Rachel Chu in “China Rich Girlfriend,” attended the 2018 Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, which was hosted by co-star Awkwafina. The 2018 film won the Hollywood Breakout Ensemble Award.

It’s unclear if L.A. p‌o‌li‌c‌e have already identified and ar‌re‌‌ste‌‌d the burglar.

Featured Images via YouTube / Warner Bros. Pictures (Left) and Late Night with Seth Meyers (Right)

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