Congress passes resolution declaring April 14 as National Sikh Day

Congress passes resolution declaring April 14 as National Sikh Day
Iris Jung
April 7, 2023
Congress has passed a resolution declaring Vaisakhi, or April 14, as National Sikh Day on Tuesday. 
Supported by the American Sikh Congress Committee, the resolution was passed to “honor and celebrate the important role played by the Sikh community in strengthening and inspiring the people of the United States.”
Acknowledging the presence of roughly 1 million Sikhs in the U.S., the resolution hailed the Sikh community as a “force for social justice,” an inspiration to “create inclusive communities where all are respected” and leaders of “charitable events.”
Vaisakhi was chosen as National Sikh Day because it recognizes the 1699 founding of the Order of Khalsa, a fellowship of saint-soldier Sikhs who “played an important role in shaping the religion’s history and identity.”
The passing of the Congress resolution occurred a week after Republican legislators from Georgia passed a state resolution condemning Hinduphobia. 
Sponsored by Republican representatives Lauren McDonald, Todd Jones, Rick Hasperse, David Clark and Brent Cox, the resolution condemned “Hinduphobia, anti-Hindu bigotry, and intolerance.”
Noting the American Hindu community as a “major contributor to diverse sectors” and Hindu contributions that have “enriched the cultural fabric” of American society, the Georgia State Legislature stated it “welcomes the diversity brought by Hindu Americans and all those who work hard, follow our laws, uphold family values, and contribute to our economic and social well-being.”
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