Football Player Stops Suspect Months Before Same Man is Arrested for Invading Elderly Asian Home


A football player from Concord, California is being praised for stopping a suspect involved in two separate incidents, a car break-in and an elderly home invasion.

The suspect, Roman Banks, broke into the home of a senior Chinese couple, 81 and 87, on Campbell Street in Visitacion Valley in February, according to ABC7 News.

He could be seen in a surveillance video dropping the gun he was holding while police officers yelled at him to stop.

The Oregon State linebacker, Semisi Saluni, apprehended Banks months earlier in an attempted car break-in.

On the Saluni family’s trip to Twin Peaks, Banks broke into their car and tried to escape after grabbing a purse inside.

Saluni held Banks down with his cousin while waiting for authorities to arrive. The family did not press charges and wanted Banks to learn his lesson.

Saluni, a D1 athlete with dreams of playing in the NFL, had a direct message for Banks, who is younger than him by a few years. He believes in Bank’s power to “do better.”

“No matter where you come from you have to put your mind in the right place. Make your money, go work, get a job, go to school,” he said. “The small simple things anybody can do it.”

Months later, Banks is being charged with 10 felony cases, including kidnapping, conspiracy and burglary involving the senior couple. He is currently out on a $100,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 15.

It is unclear whether this crime was racially motivated.

Feature Images via ABC7 News

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