Conan O’Brien Visits ‘Metal Gear’ Creator in Japan, Will Appear in New ‘Death Stranding’ Project

Hideo Kojima

During his trip to Japan, Conan O’Brien paid a visit to legendary game director Hideo Kojima in his studio and revealed that he will make a cameo appearance in the highly anticipated game “Death Stranding.”

The tour, which was showcased during Wednesday night’s episode, gave a glimpse of what is inside the Kojima Production’s office in Tokyo, Japan.


In the segment, the 56-year-old veteran late-night show host was given a tour around the office by Kojima himself. The 56-year-old legendary video game director, best known for his “Metal Gear” series franchise, showed O’Brien his toy collection and a very secret clothes rack.

The two legends also watched a trailer for “Death Stranding.”

“Oh my god. What’s wrong with you?” O’Brien jokingly says to Kojima during a part of the trailer showing a fetus inside of what appears to be a womb.

Later on in the tour, Kojima asks O’Brien if he wants to be in “Death Stranding.” The host agrees and is then led into a room filled with cameras to capture his face and turn it into CGI.

To everyone’s surprise, the short trailer featured in the segment that contains O’Brien’s shot is actually part of the game.

Kojima confirmed on his Twitter account that the comedian will be added as a prepper “The Wondering MC” in “Death Stranding.”

“Death Stranding” is set for release on Nov. 8, 2019.

Featured Image Screenshot via Twitter / HIDEO_KOJIMA

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