49% of Japanese employees say they have an ‘old guy’ co-worker who doesn’t do any work: survey

  • In a survey conducted by a Japanese consulting business, half of 300 employees said there is "an old guy" who does not do any work at their respective companies.
  • When asked what the “old guy” is doing instead, most participants responded that they often take breaks, browse the internet and stare into space.
  • Almost half of the respondents believe that these men have no desire to work.
  • Participants also expressed that these men often bring low energy to the workplace and create more work for others.

A survey conducted by a consulting company found that 49.2% of respondents at Japanese companies have “old guys who do not work.” 

Shikigaku, located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, conducted a survey on April 27-28 asking 300 employees who work for companies with staffs of 300 or more, “Is there a old guy who doesn’t work’ in the company you work for?” Of all the respondents, including men and women between the ages 20 and 39, 49.2% agreed. 

Those who agreed were then asked what the “non-working old guys” do at work. The top three answers included “many breaks for smoking and eating” with 49.7%, “staring off into space” with 47.7% and “talking wastefully” with 47.3%. Lastly, around 35.3% said “browsing the internet.”

When respondents were asked why they believed these men were not working, 45% stated that “they have no desire to work,” while 41% said that their “salary will increase even if [they] do not produce results.”

The survey also found that many respondents believe the “non-working old guys” have an adverse effect on their work environment: 60% stated that they decrease the morale for other employees, while 49% said that their own workload is increased.

Respondents were asked to share some of their most shocking experiences with the “old guy who does not work.” A 34-year-old woman said that one man went for a cigarette break for 30 minutes followed by another 30-minute restroom break. He then went for another cigarette break while stating that he did not have time for work. 

“I only play mobile games,” a 37-year-old man said he heard one “old guy” say.

“I’m just talking wastefully and my hands aren’t moving,” another 30-year-old woman recalled hearing. 


Featured Image via Pakutaso

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