Companies Unite Against Masterchef UK Judge for Whitesplaining Chicken Rendang to Malaysian Chef

A lot of Southeast Asian brands, branches and outlets have united to poke fun at the latest Masterchef controversy that is now being called “Rendanggate,” according to Straits Times.

Companies and industries are doing their part to criticize MasterChef UK judge Gregg Wallace’s comments that Malaysian chef Zaleha Kadir Olpin‘s chicken rendang has to be “crispy” and that it allegedly wasn’t cooked.

One of the first companies to stand up amid the controversy to make fun of Wallace’s chicken rendang comment was KFC Malaysia on Facebook, in all it’s hilariousness:

South Korean-based international chicken restaurant franchise in Malaysia, Nene Chicken, also added to the whole #CrispyRendang controversy.

Even companies not in the food industry joined in to support chef Olpin’s chicken rendang, too.

Even Singapore, a country with their own version of chicken rendang, jumped into the controversy.

Singapore’s Civil Defense Force and Air Force showed they, too, can poke fun in Wallace’s crispy chicken rendang comment.

After the controversy took over Southeast Asia internet, Wallace, instead of apologizing or admitting his mistake, he backpedaled and said the chicken “wasn’t cooked.”

Featured images (left) via Facebook / KFC Malaysia, (right) via Facebook / TGV Cinemas

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