Touching Commercials Reveal What It’s Like Living in Japan as an LGBT Person

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July 3, 2017
Tokai Television Broadcasting came out with a series of commercials focusing on what it’s like to live as part of the LGBT community in Japan, which is making progress for same-sex couples.
The first two men in the video below, who wished to remain anonymous, have been together for eight years and when asked if they would ever get married, they told the TV network that only “if a proper marriage system is in place that brings them on par with the rest of the world,” according to SoraNews24.

Transgender activist, Fumino Sugiyama, remembered the time he cried after his parents forced him to wear a skirt at a kindergarten entrance ceremony.
Fumino’s father eventually let him live his own life, realizing that everybody has a different path.
Satsuki Nishihara, a transgender model and Miss International Queen 2015 contestant, would’ve ended her life if she had to continue on living as a man.
Like the other LGBT individuals in this commercial, Nishihara knows what it’s like to go through discrimination, and she hopes that one day minorities in the community will receive the same support and privileges as everyone else in the world.
Owner of gay bar called Shinjuku, Mitsuaki Kishida remarked that whenever a person comes out for the first time, it sparks unnecessary outrage.
“Just what is normal love?” Mitsuaki asked, wondering what the world would be like if straight people were part of the minority.
When Ema tried to tell her mother that she liked girls, she was afraid that her family would reject her.
However, after she mustered up the courage to come out, Ema’s mom was actually elated that her daughter finally accepted her sexuality.
If companies like Tokai Television Broadcasting continue to recognize and support the LGBT community in Japan, then the world would be a better place to live.
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