Comedian Esther Ku Has a Serious Problem With Using Racist, Self-Hating Asian Jokes for Laughs

Up-and-coming comic Esther Ku has been trying to build her career in comedy by making fun of Asian people.

Most notable for her eleventh place finish (out of 12 contestants) in NBC’s sixth season of the defunct reality show “Last Comic Standing” back in 2008 , Ku’s jokes have mostly been recycled jabs on Asians based on stereotypes.

Almost a decade later, Ku is apparently still using the same punchlines in her acts and even her social media accounts, where she usually throws out her unfunny one-liners

 To call out the female comic, Twitter user @axegang_123 recently compiled some of her most cringe-worthy tweets in recent years:

Last year, she even notoriously posted a tasteless tweet, where she praised United Airlines for throwing Dr. David Dao off his flight.

“As someone who’s been beaten by Asian men, I play that video over and over again and jerked off a million times.” Ku said in the video.

In her most recent video, Ku shared her tips on “How to get an Asian girlfriend,” in which she portrayed Asian women as easy targets even for a “gross” White guy. Taken from her hugely unpopular hour-long YouTube podcast “Hello Crypto Kitty Podcast,”  the clip was just under a minute long but she was still able to squeeze in nail salons and massage shops.

Her post automatically attracted comments from her like-minded followers who feed on making Asians the butt of jokes.

As Ku apparently remains oblivious of the repercussions of her continued mockery of Asians, actress and writer Paget Kagy of “Kat Loves LA” spelled it out nicely for her in a series of tweets:

Feature image via Instagram/estherkuku

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