Indian American Doctor to File Charges Against Colorado Police Officer Who Pulled Gun on Him

Indian American Doctor to File Charges Against Colorado Police Officer Who Pulled Gun on Him
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 13, 2020
An Indian American doctor is set to file a federal lawsuit against a Colorado police officer for pointing a gun at his head, reports 9News.
In a post on Medium, PJ Parmar explained what transpired on the evening of March 1 when he honked his car horn at a vehicle blocking his driveway.
“As I was moving Boy Scout gear from the newer Mango House to the old one, I came around the corner in the old one, and there was a police parked in my parking garage, blocking my way,” he wrote. “I came around the corner, saw him, and stopped immediately— I could not have stopped further away unless I could see through walls. I honked to get his attention so he wasn’t surprised.”
Instead of moving his car and giving way, the driver of the other vehicle, J. Henderson from the Aurora Police Department, got out of his car, drew his gun and pointed it at the doctor.  
“He jumped out of his car, swore at me, and pulled out his gun while running to my car. I heard a clickety click racheting type sound from his gun which, I’m not sure, but I think means he was getting ready to use his gun. I started recording.”
The incident, which happened on the victim’s own property, was captured on two videos.  
In the bodycam footage retrieved from the Aurora Police Department, the officer can be heard saying, “Let me see your f*cking hands, what are you doing?”
“You’re on my property, leave,” Parmar responds.
In defense of his actions, Henderson explained: “I was typing a report and he comes rolling in here like he’s about to assault me with his car.” 
According to Parmar, he honked his horn just to get the officer’s attention. 
David Lane, the lawyer representing Parmar, believes the officer’s actions were racially motivated.
“This is an example of White privilege,” Lane says. “This doesn’t happen to White people. How many White people in your audience have ever had a police officer draw a gun on them for simply pulling into their own parking spot?”
Aurora Police have yet to release a statement on the case as an internal investigation is currently ongoing, reports the New York Post.
Feature Image via (left) Anthony Ruptak and (right) Aurora Police Department 
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