Colorado Nurse Told to ‘Go to China’ While Protesting Anti-Lockdown Ralliers

Colorado nurses launched a silent counter-protest to the hundreds who gathered for an anti-lockdown campaign on Sunday.


According to NBC News, the counter-protest took place in Denver where the viral video was captured. A nurse in full scrubs and a face mask stood still in an intersection, taking in all the remarks, to block the campaigners from driving through.

A woman wearing a USA t-shirt was seen hanging out the passenger seat window toting a sign that read “land of the free,” while yelling “Go to China if you want communism.”

Screenshot via QuickTake by Bloomberg

When a man in the background yelled back the statistics of the previous death toll from COVID-19 being “35,000” in the US and how these nurses are “saving people’s lives” (it is now 41,837 as of this writing according to Worldometers), she says “Bulls***.”

“I’m saving people’s lives too,” she continued.

Another campaigner, Mary Conley, was reported telling the Post, “death is a part of life…and it’s time to start living again.”

“You go to work, why can’t I got to work,” the woman in the car shouted.

Screenshot via QuickTake by Bloomberg

Alexis, a Denver nurse, reached out to NBC’s affiliate and said the campaign “felt like ‘a slap in the face to medical workers.”

“I don’t want to be stuck in my house either. I don’t think many people at all are enjoying this. That’s not the point,” she said.

Feature Image Screenshots via QuickTake by Bloomberg

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