Colombian YouTuber Pretends to ‘Fall Asleep’ on Korean Men’s Shoulders, Some Call it ‘Disgusting’

A Colombian YouTuber who pretended to fall asleep on Korean men’s shoulders has sparked a debate on social media, with some thinking the stunt was funny and others believing it was just plain gross.

On June 8, Twitter user royaltykai shared stills of a woman leaning on men’s shoulders on the subway.

“This girl really pretends to fall asleep so she can lean on Korean boys’ shoulders … that’s creepy.”

via YouTube / MeiKCJ

The woman, identified as YouTuber MeiKCJ, is a Colombian national currently living in Seoul.

The Twitter post quickly drew attention from those who took the stunt positively and otherwise.

Some thought her actions should be taken lightly, as it was only for a YouTube video, and that other YouTubers have been doing the same thing.

Meanwhile, others argued that the “social experiment” was gross, rude and invading personal space.

Unfortunately, the video in question is no longer on MeiKCJ’s channel, but one netizen managed to save a clip showing the YouTuber in action.

Images via Twitter / royaltykai

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