Colombian TV Show Shamefully Disrespects K-Pop Group BTS With Racist Gesture

Colombian TV Show Shamefully Disrespects K-Pop Group BTS With Racist Gesture

November 13, 2017
A Colombian television show has come under fire for doing the highly offensive and insulting “slant eyes” gesture.
The racist gesture happened during the show’s segment while introducing the massively popular South Korean K-pop group, BTS. According to Korea Herald, just as the host of the show “Dia a Dia” introduced the group, a man behind him can be seen doing the slant eyes gesture where he pulled the corner of his eyes upwards.
This racist gesture has prompted many Colombian fans of BTS to go to social media to apologize on behalf of what the show did. One user wrote: “In our country, (it) is not very common to talk about Asian culture. We are working very hard for the Asian culture (to be) much more recognized and for referring to them properly and respectfully.”
I would rather hope BTS stay in Korea if this is what they receive in other countries. The following pic is a program of colombia called ‘Dia a Dia’ All people are equal. No whitepeople can ever have the right to do that gesture. Stop whitewashing BTS. Love yourself,” another user wrote on Twitter.
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It is unclear who that person is, but one thing is for sure: he’ll definitely receive tons of hate from fans of BTS — not just in Colombia, but from all over the world as well.
This news is rather surprising, considering that just a few days ago, a Colombian football player, Edwin Cardona, was condemned by South Korean media for mocking the country’s team with a racist gesture (“slant eyes”) during a friendly match.
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