Colombian TV Show Deliberately Mocks Asian People with Incredibly Racist Segment

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a Colombian television show deliberately mocked the controversial racist incident that happened during a friendly match of football between Colombia and South Korea last week.

“La Kalle”, the Colombian TV show in question, discussed what occurred in the match after the racist incident was noticed by the media.

One of the show’s hosts openly mocked the Asian community during the segment, according to All K-pop.

Not only did she pull a highly offensive “slant eyes” gesture, exactly as Edwin Cardonadid in the first place, she also wore an extremely inappropriate mask depicting an “Asian” face while on air.

The female host purposefully ensured that the audience knew her intention was to mock Asians.

Cardona has since apologized for what he did during the South Korea VS Colombia match last week, although it was widely received to be insincere.

This is now the third incident this month involving racist gestures deliberately mocking Asian people from Colombian nationals. The other incident in question took place in October when an unnamed man made a racist gesture on  “Dia a Dia,” a Colombian TV show, as they introduced South Korean K-pop group BTS.

Featured image via YouTube / 가십맨

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