College Tutor Who Became a Model Considered the ‘Boyfriend Standard’ in Korea

A Korean college student turned model is garnering a lot of attention after his style and good looks were classified as “boyfriend standards.

Jang Sung Hoon is touted for having a height to body ratio that’s described as “too perfect to be true.” The model stands at 6′ 1″.

However, prior to gaining internet stardom, Jang was an ordinary college student studying at Joongang University, according to Koreaboo. The Korean college student took part time work as a tutor around his campus, where he eventually rose to popularity for his charmingly good looks.

Jang eventually came to be known as “the handsome tutor” in his university; his fame wouldn’t stop there, however, as it would eventually extended far beyond the reaches of the campus. The hunk eventually debuted as a model in 2015 and is now modeling for renowned model management company ESteem.

Looks aren’t the only reason Jang was regarded as “the perfect boyfriend material.” He not only has an athletic build, he also carries a stylish sense of fashion, the point that earned him the title of “Boyfriend Standards.”

Is he total boyfriend material or would you pass on this perfect hottie? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image via Instagram / jsunghoon

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