Chinese College Student Forced to Give Up Pet ‘Miniature Pig’ After It Grows Up

pet pig

A female college student who is living in a dormitory had to make a very hard decision to give up her pet “miniature pig” after the animal grew to its full adult size. 

The student, who is studying at Guangdong Vocational College of Industry and Commerce in Guangdong, China bought the miniature pig online and she figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to keep the animal a secret from school administrators.


However, as time goes on, the pig began to grow and by the time it was discovered, the animal’s size was comparable to that of an average dog.

Administrators then ordered the student to get rid of the animal, according to Shanghaiist.

Luckily, the student’s parents arrived at the school before the school could get rid of the pig. They were able to take the animal back to their home, as said in the report.

Despite what the name suggests, “miniature pigs” or “teacup pigs,” as what some may call them, can grow to as large as 100 to 200 pounds (45 to 90.7 kilograms) as they grow older. More importantly, miniature pigs and teacup pigs are just two of the many terms people use to call them when they are still in their infancy stage.


In truth, they are actually called potbellied pigs that were originally bred in Vietnam. While that may be the case, potbellied pigs are still considered quite small compared to farm pigs, that can grow up to 1,000 pounds (453 kilograms).

Featured image via YouTube / Anecdote news

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