Chinese Canadian Filmmaker Captures The Most Badass Red Carpet Images You’ve Ever Seen

Chinese Canadian Filmmaker Captures The Most Badass Red Carpet Images You’ve Ever SeenChinese Canadian Filmmaker Captures The Most Badass Red Carpet Images You’ve Ever Seen
Cole Walliser,
Walliser has been known for his work in music videos for stars such as Miley Cyrus, P!nk, and Katy Perry. He recently captured images at this year’s Grammys as well as the Oscars red carpet using Bolt CineBot, a high-speed camera rig also dubbed as “GlamBOT” and the results are phenomenal.
Katy Perry
Walliser, who posts behind-the-scenes footage of his work on his Instagram account, has earned universal praise for the way he directs the celebrities to capture consistently perfect shots.
Camila Cabello
Lady Gaga
Walliser revealed in an interview with NextShark how amazed he was with the public’s reaction for his work.
“I think what has been really cool is showing the behind the scenes and how these GlamBOTS were made and shot,” he shared. “I have been directing the GlamBOTS for about 3 years or so now, but only recently have been putting out BTS’ for each one, so I think people finally get to see how they are made after seeing them on the red carpet for so many years. A lot of comments are “I’ve always wondered how they do these!” So it’s been cool to show that and show myself working with talent.”
Chloe x Halle
Backstreet Boys
According to Walliser, the use of GlamBOT cameras is perfect for doing Red Carpet shots.
“Red Carpets are such a unique event to film, I have literally 30 seconds to 1 minute to get an A-list talent to do something in one take, literally NO OTHER film environment has that kind of pressure. You at least have them for 15-20 minutes and get to do a few takes. So the pressure is on, the system needs to be dialed in and I need to make sure my direction is clear enough that we get something good in that one take.”
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet
Jennifer Lopez
Despite being a third generation Chinese Canadian, he shared the Asian influence in the videos he directs is still evident.
“There’s no way my Asian influence HASN’T affected my work,” he admits. “I’m half Chinese, and my grandparents were born in Canada, so culturally I was pretty far down the line. Which I viewed as a good and bad thing, it was good because I got to explore my Chinese heritage on my own terms, it was bad because I can’t speak Chinese and don’t know as much as I could or should, but I’ve really enjoyed learning about that side of my culture as I get older.”
Trevor Noah
Black Panther cast
The 37-year-old filmmaker also expressed excitement over the emergence of Asian representation in Western pop culture, describing it as “amazing.”
“Hollywood works in cycles, and things become HOT and then they become NOT, and right now as horrible as it sounds, Asians are sorta hot,” he explained. “Which means, at one point, maybe they might NOT be anymore … BUT the amazing thing is one the public sees Asians in leading roles, it will be accepted (it pretty much now is) and then in the future, there won’t be an issue with it. So if it’s the Asian moment being HOT right now, breaks down those doors that have long been upheld in Hollywood, I will happily take it. It’s just so cool seeing Asian men and women shine in entertainment.”
Gemma Chan
Wallister also shared that there is a lot to look forward to about his work this year.
“I am constantly working on bringing my career to the next level, working a lot on writing and narrative things, so watch out for that in 2019! Also probably the best way to keep up with my work is on Instagram at @colewalliser so that’s a good place to stay up to date!” he added.
Feature image via Instagram / colewalliser
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