People in Indonesia are Mysteriously Dying After Drinking Coffee

People in Indonesia are Mysteriously Dying After Drinking Coffee
Ryan General
September 16, 2016
A couple of mysterious coffee-related deaths have baffled authorities and the public in Indonesia. First, a woman died after drinking a cup of iced coffee earlier this year and, more recently, a man died moments after drinking several cups of warm coffee. This time, however, authorities are having a hard time determining how it happened.
The death earlier this year indicates that Indonesian 28-year-old Wayan Mirna Salihin, the daughter of businessman Edi Darmawan Salihin, died of cyanide poisoning after drinking a cup of Vietnamese brew. The victim reportedly drank the coffee at the Olivier Cafe in the Grand Indonesia shopping mall in Jakarta. The case has become a national obsession in the country with the court trials captivating both the media as well as the public with every case update. Police have charged Jessica Kumala Wongso with her murder, reported
The more recent death involves a 57-year-old victim named Jamal who allegedly died after drinking coffee at a family-owned shop in Kembangan, West Jakarta, according to Warta Kota (via Coconuts Jakarta).
According to the local police, the man was delivering wedding invitations on Wednesday evening when he decided to have some coffee at the small shop. He reportedly chatted with some of his friends and hung out for a couple of hours before standing up to head home. Jamal collapsed and died soon after.
“After drinking coffee, the victim wanted to go home. When he stood up from his seat, he immediately fell,” local Police Chief Aldo Ferdian was quoted as saying.
No sign of foul play has been found so far and police detectives have not yet identified Jamal’s actual cause of death.
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