Meet The ‘First Black K-Pop Group’ Who Just Released a Steamy New Single

Meet The ‘First Black K-Pop Group’ Who Just Released a Steamy New SingleMeet The ‘First Black K-Pop Group’ Who Just Released a Steamy New Single
Another K-pop group, without a Korean member in sight, has emerged from the United States.
African-American singing duo “CoCo Avenue” has recently released a new track called “Eottae” on iTunes which also had a music video released on April 14.
The Los Angeles-based group is composed of Jenny Lyric, who hails from St. Louis, and Jenna Rose, who was born in New Brunswick, N.J.  The duo, who have been hailed as the “First Black K-Pop Group”, originally started with 6 members in 2012 but the group would just be reduced to founding members Jenny and Jenna in 2014, according to AllKpop.
Both can sing and rap in Korean and have long been showcasing their talents on their individual YouTube channels. As fans of K-pop, each of them would often emulate their idols and upload singing videos to YouTube.
Eventually, both developed a significant following, but each other’s viewers would reportedly mistake one for the other at times. Jenny Lyric then decided to reach out to Jenna Rose and suggested that they do K-pop covers together.
They would later take their hobby a few notches higher. Not only were they able to produce a single, they have also performed in Seoul, South Korea.
In an interview last year with TBS, the singers revealed that they intended to fight cultural appropriation and stereotyping with their singing by promoting a wider cultural education in the K-pop industry.
Currently, most of the songs CoCo Avenue sings are covers of already popular K-pop tunes, USA Today reports. Lyric, however, explains that “it’s our goal to put our own thing, our own sound, into what they’ve already created. And I think the people who watch our covers appreciate that we take that twist on it.”
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