Mom Uses Hilarious ‘Drum Beat’ to Scare Away Cockroach in Kitchen

A Japanese mom who went all out with percussion in a fit of rage against one intruding cockroach has gone viral on Twitter.

At first, user @darakkuma214 attempted to kill the insect with some spray, but it managed to fly to safety.

The unwanted summertime visitor clearly rattled @darakkuma214’s family, who were peacefully enjoying kiwis in their kitchen.

After it fled, they thought it must have taken refuge inside their combination stove/range, which happens to have a pullout drawer.

That’s when @darakkuma214’s mom stepped in to save the household, grabbing a chopstick and banging on the range to scare the bug away.

While it was a serious maneuver, what turned out was an impressive play of percussion.


The four-second video, which was posted on Sunday, has raked more than 11 million views as of this writing.

Apparently, the rhythmic display was an instant hit, inspiring creative netizens to work on illustrations, scores, remixes and mashups.

While this mom’s drumming caught netizens’ attention, it’s unclear if it actually scared the roach, which has not been seen since its daring escape.

Interestingly, her energy means good news, as she spent all of last year in cancer treatment.

“Her hair is still short, but it’s growing back little by little, and she’s acting crazy and powerful every day,” @darakkuma214 said, according to SoraNews24.

Images via Twitter / @darakkuma214

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