Woman Beats a Cobra to Death With a Ladle After Fighting With Her Boyfriend

A cobra with terrible timing met an untimely death after sneaking into the home of a Malaysian woman who had just had a fight with her boyfriend. 

Twitter user @ybmisai97 shared how she managed to kill a snake using a big ladle via a tweet which has since become widely shared on social media. 

According to her post, she was in a bad mood after getting into a fight with her boyfriend when a cobra suddenly showed up inside of her house in Tanjong Karang, Selangor.

Instinctively, she grabbed a ladle from her kitchen and whacked the snake’s head until it was no longer moving. 

“Next time don’t show up when I’m in a bad mood, you’ll get it from me,” she wrote in the caption of an image of the dead snake lying on the floor. 

“I killed it using a big ladle. I was moody because I was fighting with my boyfriend so the bashing was mixed with anger.”

Her post has since generated thousands of reactions and retweets.

She also posted a follow-up tweet to reveal that since she lived in a rural area, it was not the first time a snake has entered her home.

She further noted that while she did not hate snakes, she was forced to kill the cobra as her nephew was in danger of getting attacked. 

As it turns out, she was actually a licensed exotic pet owner who has her own reptile collection which includes a snake and a couple of large lizards.

Featured Image via Twitter / ybmisai97 (Left, Right)

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