Internet Calls Out CNN After Saying Singapore is ‘Not a Country’


Social media users expressed outrage after CNN labeled Singapore as “Not a country” in an article outlining President Donald Trump’s “irresponsible approach” in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Controversial chart: The CNN article, published on October 7, critiques the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, among other issues surrounding the matter, AsiaOne reported.

  • Included in the article is a chart that reads: “Key countries with fewer new cases of coronavirus than the White House in past 24 hours.”
Image CNN via AsiaOne
  • The list mentions Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and Mongolia, to name a few, which had an incredibly low count of new COVID-19 cases when compared to the number of cases in the White House which is now at 34, ABC News reported.
  •  CNN listed Singapore, which only recorded seven new cases as of Oct. 6, at the bottom part of the article. The media company added a note stating “Not a country” beside it.

  • The point of the chart is to show that the number of people infected in the White House is greater than the key countries listed.

People’s reactions: The chart quickly gained attention on social media and many users blasted the article and CNN for labeling Singapore as not a country.

  • Following the backlash, CNN removed the chart from the article.
  • Singapore separated from Malaysia on Aug. 9, 1965, to become an independent and sovereign country, according to History SG. It was the result of “deep political and economic differences” between the two countries, “which created communal tensions that resulted in racial riots in July and September 1964.”

Feature Image via Hu Chen

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