Reporter Amara Walker’s Emotional Reaction Following Atlanta Shooting Mocked in Anti-CNN Ad


A political ad criticizing CNN included a short clip of correspondent Amara Walker in a vulnerable moment following the Atlanta spa shootings back in March.

About the ad: Club for Growth, a conservative political action committee, released an ad on Wednesday that criticized CNN for not being tough on President Joe Biden.

  • The ad mocked the news network for its alleged failing ratings since former President Donald Trump left office and highlighted CNN reporters making positive statements about the incumbent president.
  • “Lemons is still a loser, and Chris Cuomo is still helping big brother cover-up scandals,” a narrator said of the network’s anchors, as comical music played in the background.

Emotional moment: The video montage included a clip of Walker’s emotional reaction to Biden denouncing anti-Asian attacks after the shootings in Atlanta.

  • “For the president to come and say ‘I see you, I hear you, I feel your pain’… it’s a cathartic moment,” Walker said in the segment that hid the chyron indicating the topic. 
  • During the coverage in March, Walker lamented that the Asian community “has felt invisible for so long” and talked about feeling like “a foreigner in your own country.” 
  • CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski wrote on Twitter, “This ad features an Asian-American correspondent getting emotional talking about the spa shootings, but they erased the chyron and blurred out the spa name so people wouldn’t know that.”

NextShark has reached out to Club for Growth and Amara Walker for comments on the matter and will update this article accordingly.

Featured Image via Club for Growth

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