Clueless Dad Accidentally Films His Trip to Vegas on a GoPro Facing the Wrong Way

Based on a video taken from his GoPro camera, it is safe to say Irishman Joseph Griffin is not someone most would consider a techie.

According to the description of the video written by Joseph’s son, Evan:

“So… Gave my Dad my GoPro while he was in Las Vegas, I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie, didn’t know which way to point the fucking thing…”

Since being posted on Nov. 13, the hilarious video of Griffin taken with his GoPro pointed the wrong way while on vacation in Vegas has received over 2 million views.

In a comment posted to the video yesterday, the GoPro company seemed to offer help:

“Classic dad move! What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

“Which GoPro was he using? We may have a few accessories that could help him out.”

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