Inside Disneyland’s Secret Club Reserved For Only the Elite

Inside Disneyland’s Secret Club Reserved For Only the Elite

August 24, 2015
Nothing beats a Disney lover’s high like getting exclusive access to Disneyland’s secret members only Club 33.
The private club is a secret feature of the Disneyland park and is located on 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square adjacent to the Blue Bayou Restaurant.  Hundreds of people walk by it everyday without ever noticing the entrance to the club recognizable by an ornate address plate with the number 33 engraved on it.
Club 33 was envisioned back in the day by Walt Disney himself who wanted a place where he can host special guests including visiting dignitaries, celebrities, politicians, and other VIPS.
It was completed in May of 1967 and today it is exclusively reserved for members and their guests. As of 2011, there is a 14-year waiting list for new memberships. Here’s actress Vanessa Hudgens reflecting on her experience at Club 33. 
The average cost for corporate members include an initiation fee of $40,000 and annual fees of about $12,000. Individual members pay $27,000 for their initiation fee.
I guess that is a small price to pay for those fans who are Disney crazed. Dining in Club 33 is the equivalent of being on Cloud 9. They love Club 33.
The club is not open to the public and is reserved for members and their guests who are treated as VIPs at one of the finest and most exclusive five star restaurants in Orange County. 
Everything in the restaurant is marked by the special Club 33 engraving from the gold rimmed plates (not sure if its gold) to the deluxe bathroom napkins. 
Dinner menus offer five to six courses with specialty dishes that include fried pheasant with brussel sprouts, Andouille Sausage Ragout and Pinot Essence, Colorado rack of lamb, and pan roasted lobster sausage.
According to the video above: “Whenever you get up to get more food, your napkin will be folded right back to as if you’ve never touched it.”
Guests are showered with special treatment including private meet and greets with beloved Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie.
Guests can also enjoy the secret balcony view overlooking New Orleans Square or opt for a table outside where they can enjoy the lovely scenery.
Club 33 is the only location in the Disneyland theme park to serve alcoholic beverages during normal hours of operation. Club 33 features a fully stocked bar, but patrons order through their servers.
Take a video tour of Club 33 below:
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