Pokémon Go Players are Now Using Nipple Clamps to Hatch Their Eggs Without Walking

For those Pokémon Go players who can’t be bothered with walking 5-10 kilometers to hatch their fourth Meowth, the geniuses behind hatching eggs with a vibrator may have found another “practical” solution to cheating at Pokémon Go — a weird contraption they only describe as a pair of “clip-style massagers.”

The creative genius in particular, Rocketnews24‘s Mr. Sato, demonstrated how his unique peripheral, (labeled  as Nipple Twins) works via a two and a half video.

The trick, according to Rocketnews24, is to fool the game into thinking the user is moving across the Pokémon Go map using the device’s vibration.

After securing his smartphone on a sturdy mobile holder, Mr. Sato then clamped on the two clips of his handy “massager.”

For his demonstration, he shows a Pokémon egg in an incubator that has reached 500 meters (1,640 feet) out of the five-kilometer requirement.

About 15 seconds after turning the device on, his avatar started “walking” around the virtual world map while the phone vibrated. After letting the phone shake for 10 minutes, 400 meters were added to the total distance covered. Not bad for sitting around for a few minutes letting the “Nipple Twins” do the work.

The report notes, however, that while the cheat works in locations with spotty GPS signal, places with strong GPS connection may not yield the same result. Check out their video below:

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