Meet Miss Universe’s Dreamy Boyfriend of 6 Years, Clint Bondad

Meet Miss Universe’s Dreamy Boyfriend of 6 Years, Clint BondadMeet Miss Universe’s Dreamy Boyfriend of 6 Years, Clint Bondad
Bryan Ke
December 19, 2018
Meet Clint Bondad, Miss Universe winner Catriona Gray’s boyfriend who will surely make everyone thirsty.
Bondad, a Filipino-German model who appeared in several movies and television shows in the Philippines, went viral after posting an Instagram message for his 24-year-old girlfriend of six years, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.
Since the very day I met you in Baguio in that tiny elevator when we merly were just kids I knew that you are different. You felt untouchable. Like I met someone specific but couldn’t figure out who it was. Never met a more intelligent woman in my life,” the 24-year-old mode wrote in his social media post.
“You seem to capture the stars and are simply a creator by heart. You are a specialist made to move the world. A rocket breaking through the atmosphere bringing back a piece of heaven. Words will never be enough to capture who you are… I know this is a huge day but this will literally just be the beginning.”
Bondad was able to capture his reaction during the moment Gray was officially crowned Miss Universe 2018.
I seriously didn’t take any video till the final moment because I knew I wouldn’t need to film anything before that!” he wrote. “I won’t say anything anymore here in the caption… We are drained.”
Bondad and Gray celebrated their sixth anniversary months before the Miss Universe event, sharing a heartwarming message for his girlfriend.
The day we celebrated 6 years Funny we never realised that our anniversary was on the Independence Day of the PH. Ironically however is that we instead lost our independence… but won an amazing journey together that I personally wouldn’t exchange for anything,” he wrote on Instagram.
@catriona_gray you have given me an amazing 6 years. You supported me literally in my weakest moments but also kept me from becoming a complete idiot. You are the woman that a kind of man like me needs. Strong, viciously intelligent and not afraid to speak up.”
It’s hard not to look up to the guy. He is thoughtful, sincere, supportive, and more importantly, he can make anyone drool.
The thirst is real.
And he only follows Gray on Instagram!
Check out some of his other pictures below:
Images via Instagram / clintbondad
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