Clever Bird Saves Up Big Coins in a Piggy Bank in Beijing

Pedestrians on the busy streets of Beijing, China, were stopped by a very clever bird who knows how to handle its money by energetically putting all collected coins inside a piggy bank.

Screenshot via YouTube

According to the Daily Mail, many bystanders saw the adorably motivated bird collect coins from their hand and drop it inside its piggy bank using an equally cute, tiny beak. However, this little feathered animal doesn’t just collect any kind of money. It turns out that the picky bird only accepts coins that are worth five yuan ($0.76) or higher.

Screenshot via YouTube

One of the astonished audience members jokingly suggested to the owner to train the bird how to accept much higher bills, like 100 yuan ($15.13), to maximize their profit. But it seems like this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Screenshot via YouTube

A pedestrian tried to hand the bird paper money to put it inside its piggy bank, but to no avail. It ignored the man, who jokingly replied with, “I’ll keep it.”

Featured Image via YouTube / The AIO Entertainment

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