Here’s a Quick Way to Make Your Slow iPhone a Little Faster

If your iPhone is being a little slow and it’s not because of your internet, people usually can just completely restart their device to get it working normally again. However, there may be a much quicker way to speed your smartphone up that takes about 30 seconds.
According to CNET, the procedure flushes your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) memory, freeing up some RAM in the process and theoretically making your device faster.
First, make sure your device is unlocked. Second, hold down the power button (on the top of the iPad or side of the iPhone) until the “Slide to Power Off” option comes up. Then press the home button on your device and after a few seconds it should return to the home screen. Any apps you had open will still be in your app switcher, but will restart fresh when you select them. Your device should be working a little smoother now.
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