Bay Area Thieves Snatch Purse From Fox Reporter Right in Front of Costco

Bay Area Thieves Snatch Purse From Fox Reporter Right in Front of CostcoBay Area Thieves Snatch Purse From Fox Reporter Right in Front of Costco
Claudine Wong, anchor and reporter for KTVU FOX 2, was recently robbed in front of Costco on Monument Boulevard in Concord, California after she went grocery shopping.
Wong, who shared the incident on her Facebook page, said she carelessly placed her purse on top of a very full cart for “easy and convenient access” as she checked out of Costco.
Before walking out of the department store, a woman warned Wong to be more careful where she puts her purse. However, the reporter didn’t take the advice to heart, making her way to the parking lot with her bag still on top of the shopping cart.
As Wong walked to her car, a vehicle without a license plate deliberately drove close behind her. Someone sitting in the backseat then rolled down the window, snatched her purse and hurriedly drove off.
Wong said she tried to run after the suspects, but to no avail.
Fortunately, Wong was not hurt during the whole ordeal. Her cellphone and wallet were all inside her purse at the time. But she was able to walk back to Costco to call the Concord Police who responded to the crime, and told Wong that this was a fairly new type of robbery.
Holidays are coming. People need to be careful. I was asked today if I was scared. Sure. They were close enough to grab me. Who knows what they would have done if I had actually had my hand on my purse. I might have been just stubborn enough to hold on. And I have covered enough stories where people who have chased down criminals have been hurt. And that car came pretty close to me, she wrote in her post.
Mostly I’m frustrated. Embarrassed if I am honest that they saw me and just thought I was a great target.
The lesson to learn from Wong’s experience is to never leave your personal belongings in plain view where it could easily be snatched by robbers. Secondly, don’t chase after anyone, the reporter said. She wouldn’t advise bystanders to go chase a getaway vehicle either as it would likely put their lives in danger.
Featured Images via Facebook / Claudine Wong
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