CIX member Seunghun reveals he was mugged in NYC

CIX member Seunghun reveals he was mugged in NYC
Daniel Anderson
September 23, 2022
Seunghun of K-pop boy group CIX shared during a livestream that he was mugged earlier this week in New York City.
CIX were in New York alongside K-pop icon BoA and YG Entertainment boy group WINNER for the Korea-U.S. SMEs go TOGETHER event, which was held at the The Rooftop at Pier 17.
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Seunghun shared during fellow CIX member BX’s livestream that he went out to get food not long after their performance.
“Yesterday, I couldn’t go out because I got mugged. Yesterday, six foreigner hyungs came over while cursing, telling me to hand over my money. So I had all my cash stolen from me. I really wanted to cry yesterday,” he shared, according to Koreaboo.
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He later explained on fan-to-artist social app Universe that the incident occurred while he was trying to get tacos and found himself momentarily separated from his manager and bodyguards.
“I didnt tell u bc I knew you’d worry like this! ㅠㅠThe manager hyungnim saved me. We actually had bodyguards the whole time during our perf too. It happened during that one time we went out for tacos [without our bodyguards]. If it weren’t for our manager, I would have been in bigger trouble.” 
Despite the recent incident, Seunghun was grateful for the chance to perform during the Korea-U.S. SMEs go TOGETHER event
He concluded by writing, “Anyway, I thought of this as getting all the bad [luck] out of the way so that instead, I make good memories of the stage yesterday with sunbaenims, the audience, and FIX ㅎㅎㅎ I’m heading back to Korea now, so please run into my arms~”
CIX’s New York performance comes on the heels of the recent release of their fifth EP “OK Episode 1: OK Not,” led by the title track “458.” 
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