Hundreds of Chinese Tourists Get Trapped in a Cave On Top of a Mountain

Hundreds of local tourists were left stranded on top of Mount Huashan in the Chinese province of Shaanxi after cable car services were shut down due to strong winds on Monday.

Many Chinese are currently traveling to various tourist locations to enjoy China’s Golden Week holiday, a semi-annual 7-day national holiday which began this year on October 1.

Unfortunately, a group of local travelers got to spend the night inside a cave atop a mountain after the cable car  that transports visitors to the Huashan Mountain in Shaanxi province was closed temporarily due to powerful winds, the site’s management office announced on Chinese social media.

According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), photos of the trapped tourists inside the mountain cave went viral on Weibo in no time. Images revealed that many of those stranded were elderly or families with children.

While site employees advised the stranded travelers to either hike down the mountain or use another cable car station on the North Peak, the tourists opted to stay in the cave.

Huashan officials provided free meals and rain jackets and even let some people in the offices to rest.  The following morning, the cable car station resumed operations and all the stranded tourists were able to eventually go down safely.

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