One Instagram Post From Justin Bieber Turned a $6-An-Hour Babysitter into a Model

One Instagram Post From Justin Bieber Turned a $6-An-Hour Babysitter into a Model
Editorial Staff
January 22, 2016
We live in a world where lives are rocketed towards fame by
Before Justin Bieber’s famous “OMG who is this!!” comment on Instagram, Cindy Kimberly was a $6-an-hour babysitter in Spain.
After being exposed to Bieber’s nearly 55 million followers, the 17-year-old has caught the world’s attention and has since been offered plenty of job opportunities and will debut as a runway model during Madrid’s fashion week.
Despite her new-found fame, Kimberly, who has amassed over over 694,000 followers on Instagram, plans to stay grounded and remains humbled by her chance to model, she told DailyMail:
“I’ve had a lot of job offers since all this happened. I’m constantly receiving calls offering me things, but I’m focused on my studies and fashion commitments I’d already made.”
Kimberly, still a student, was born in Holland but currently lives in Denia, Spain. She confirmed suggestions from her fans on Twitter that she is half-Spanish and half-Indonesian.
While it is unknown as of yet who Kimberly will be modeling for, the opportunity has made her life a fairytale:
“When I saw Justin was asking about me I got very emotional because I’ve been a fan of his for more than six years.”
“It seems like a fairytale. A friend of mine often used to joke that one day I’d be one of the girls he talked about and I didn’t believe her.”
The shy teen, who initially suspended her Instagram account to avoid the publicity, says Bieber’s shout out has mostly been a positive point in her life:
“My life’s changed positively since Justin appeared in my life. At the beginning I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal with it but now I’m getting used to it.”
Fortunately, Kimberly has a loving mother who is supportive of her daughter’s opportunity while she urges her to stay grounded throughout the experience:
“My mum’s happy for me with everything new that’s happening in my life.”
“She already knew I was a fan of Justin’s. She’s always urging me though to stay focused on my responsibilities with my studies and keep my feet on the ground.”
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