Chinese School Finds Unique Way to Stop Students From Cheating During Exams

An unusual anti-cheating method from a school in China received mixed reactions from netizens.

In order to stop their students from cheating while taking their exams, a school in Anhui province in China came up with an idea. The “hat trick” — using newspaper with a skull-size hole cut in the center — was implemented among students who were taking an exam.

A photo of students in a Chuzhou City school, wearing these improvised newspaper hats to prevent them from looking at their seatmate’s paper, went viral on social media, AsiaOne reported.


While others thought it was a brilliant idea, some netizens slammed the school for making the students look ridiculous with the newspaper cutouts.

The recent photo also sparked a discussion on how to crack down cheating in schools which grows significantly due to pressure-packed exams.

In a report from Shangahiist, widespread cheating is becoming increasingly popular, especially to those who are taking high school entrance exams. This has forced schools to use tools like binoculars and even drones to implement anti-cheating measures.

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